PUBLISHED PAPERS (Only for @ copyright Authors & Legal educational Uses) :

Volume 2 Issue 4 (July 2017)

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1 "Medulloblastoma in a 12 year boy - A Case Report"

Nasreen Ali et. al.

Volume 2 Issue 3 (May 2017)

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1A New Species of Monogenean Parasite Genus, Bychowskyella Achmerow, 1952 from The Fishes of U.P. And Bihar

Anuradha Pandey*, Nirupma Agrawal
2Coprophilous Fungi Recovered from Dung of Herbivore and Their Correlation with Physio-Chemical Factors

Shubha Pandey and J K Mishra
3Social Reality and the Cosmopolitan Culture in A Time to Change, Sixty Poems and The Third Of Nissim Ezekiel: A Study

Dr.Yaduveer Mishra
4Down Syndrome with Congenital Heart Disease (Endocardial Cushion Defect) Presenting as Central Nervous System Stroke

Nasreen Ali et. al.
5Acute Febrile Encephalopathy- A Serious Complication of Scrub Typhus

Nasreen Ali et. al.

Volume 2 Issue 2 (March 2017)

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1Neuroprotective potential of phytomedicines by qualitative and quantitative analysis of antioxidants

Priya Agnihotri and Arun P.Sikarwar
2Assessment of Genotoxicity of Polluted water of river Gomti using Allium cepa as test system

Anshul Pant et. al.

Volume 2 Issue 1 (Jan-Feb 2017)

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1 Determinant Extrinsic Cues in Purchase of Jeans

Ritesh Tiwari
2 Study on the groundwater quality of Badnagar block in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh, India

Shyam Singh, Vipin Vyas
3 Nissim Ezekiel : A Single Force in Contemporary Poetry in English.

Dr.Yaduveer Mishra
4 Assessment of seasonal variations of water quality parameters of Gurma Bundh, Hanumana, Rewa (M.P.), India

Manish Kumar Nirat
5 Foot and Mouth Disease- A Brief Review

Dr. Sarika Tiwari
6 Salmonella-A Review on Epidemiology,Pathogenesis and Prevention of Disease

Dr. Sarika Tiwari, Pankaj Bhatt

Volume 1 Issue 6 (JUNE-JULY)

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1 Existence of bacterial Flora in the Urogenital Tract

M.Anitha, Pratikshia K., Mohamed Sultan A., D.M. Monisha

Volume 1 Issue 5 (March-APRIL)

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1 Empowerment of Women in Indian Society

Subash Chand Chauhan
2 An Analysis of Corruption in India

Dr. Ritesh Jaiswal
3 Determination of Chemical Quality of Goat on their Raw Milk

U. K. Shukla , Umakant Garg, Shivakant Shukla and Yajuvendra Singh
4 Nagriya Samaj Mai Mahilaon Ki Parasthiti

Dr. Alok Kumar

Volume 1 Issue 4 (JANUARY-FEBRUARY)

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1 Trend of Particulate Matter in the Ambient Air of a Small City in India

Mani Singh1*, Atindra Kumar Pandey2, P.K. Singh3, Gunjana Singh4, R. M. Mishra5
2 ACE Gene Polymorphism in Cardiac Patients: An Enzymatic Experimental approach.

Dr. Hamendra Kumar Verma

Volume 1 Issue 3 (NOVEMBER-DECEMBER)

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1 A Review: Cane Sugar Colour and Colourants

Ram Bharose, Sudhir Kumar Verma
2 Desirable Daughters: Assimilation of Culture & Transformation of Identitiest

Dr Santosh Kr Singh
3 Studies on the sexual behaviour of Migrants workers in Vindhya Region

Dr. Hamendra Kumar Verma

Volume 1 Issue 2 (JULY-AUGUST)

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1 Effect of bio-fertilizer and gibberellic acid concentration for growth and yield of African marigold (Tagetest erecta L.)

Apurva Gahoi, Yajuvendra Singh
2 Study on Protein Peptide Interaction (peptide-MHC allele) in Vaccine Development

Dr. Hamendra Kumar Verma
3 Studies on the effect of inorganic fertilizers & plant growth regulator on growth and yield of Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

Salikram Dhakar, Yajuvendra Singh
4 In-Silico Drug Identification in the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disease; Alzheimer

1Jayanti Mishra, , 2Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh, 3Prasad Sarashetti

Sunil Kumar1, Vibhay Shahi2

Volume 1 Issue 1 (MAY-JUNE)

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1 Development of Compressed Air Charged Vehicle

Dhyeya P. Pandya and Nityam Oza
2 Shodh Patra_Bisawi Shatabdi Ke Sanskrit Natako Me Lok Chitran

3 An Approach behind Fire detecting Robot

Sunil kumar and Vibhay Shahi
4 Opinion Mining on Twitter Feeds

Varsha and Kunal
5 Rastriya Siristi Ka Balindan Hona

Ajit Partap Singh