1. What are journals?
  2. Journals are newspaper or magazine that deals with a particular subject or professional activity.

  3. what is a manuscript?
  4. Handwritten or typed, but yet unpublished, text in any field of intellectual endeavor.

  5. I want to publish my paper. What should i do?
  6. The authors can e-mail us their paper at (journals.ijbar@gmail.com).

  7. After submission of my research paper, how much time required to publish my paper?
  8. After successful submission of paper, it will take at least 5 to 10 days for review process to complete.

  9. Is copyright form and publication fee required with my research paper?
  10. Yes, a Copyright form and publication fee is necessary for publication of research paper. But the author has the option to email copyright form within 3 days of depositing paper. Payment of fees is also required after acceptance of research paper.(Presently We do not charge any Kind of Publication Fee on any journals)* See the author then publication chages tab for more information.

  11. After the successful publication of my paper, Is any kind of change/correction possible in it?
  12. Yes, amendment inside the body of Manuscript is permitted up to a certain extent. You can send e-mail at correction@ijbar.com with revised manuscript and a word file mentioning the correction done in the revised manuscript.

  13. How much time and fee required for publication of proceedings?
  14. If all the papers are in format .doc/ .docx then it require 5- 10 working days of publication of proceedings. Conference papers are absolutely free for publications online (up to 80 papers) to all scientific communities worldwide.

With Best Regards

Dr. Hemendra Kumar Verma