Guidelines To the Researcher for the preparation of Manuscript or conference-:

  1. The Manuscript can be submitted to us by mailing us at submission of paper does not guarantee the acceptance of the manuscript.

  2. Authors are advised to prepare their Manuscript in separate A4 size document and then cut or copy their article and paste it in our Template. Another option is to use the template for writing research work from the beginning. All the research work of others is only accepted in ENGLISH language and Font face is TIMES NEW ROMAN only. Major font and paragraph specifications are given in TABLE. Number style used may be Number or Roman Numerals depends on other way of writing Manuscript. Heading and Subheading of the section is written as I. INTRODUCTION or 1. Introduction, it may be Uppercase or Sentence case. Try to keep Manuscript precise and not more than 5 to 8 pages. All the body text is justified (not heading and subheading). Please download "Paper Template" from "Author Home" for getting full detail of Manuscript writing Procedure. Some details are given in the tables below.

  3. Font:Times New Roman Font size Text Align
    Paper's Title 24 Bolf Centre
    Author's Name 14 Normal Centre
    Author Affliation 10 Normal Centre
    Abstract and Keywords 10 Bold Justify
    Heading 11 Bold Centre
    Sub Heading 10 Bold Left/Centre
    Body Text 10 Normal Justify
    References 9 Normal Justify
    Acknowledement 9 Normal Justify
  4. The Author should send us copyright form by using ink pen and sign it for transfer of copyright of article to IJBAR. Now scan this copyright form and send this soft copy (image file or PDF format) along with the Paper/Manuscript by email or through a form submission. Author can download Copyright Form from the given link at your right.