Welcome to The Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Researach (IJBAR)

An open scholarly, Online peer, reviewed, Inter discplarly, Bi-monthly and full refereed e-journal. We are pleased to inform you that IJBAR is going to launch its first issue (Volume, 1 Issue 1, in June, 2015.). We would like to invite you to contribute your research paper, short reports, and any research work for publication in The Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Research (IJBAR). Kindly support us to create natural biomes, research, awareness, scientific creativity and ability beyond limits in research history. The journal covers all the areas of science, art, engineering, agriculture and other field. We will be highly appreciated by research students, teachers and organizations who are pursuing higher education for contributing us their research work. We believe in publishing original research and reviewed articles and also technical notes. The journal reviews paper within 7 to 10 days and accepted articles on the internal immediately upon the receiving or submitting the final manuscript. Authors are requested to prepare their manuscript in the IJBAR paper template.

The main scope of this journal :-
  1. To promote research activities among Rural students (basically in backwards areas).
  2. To promote basic research, awareness, review articles in the form of a publication / Quick report.
  3. To create a scientific environment for our motherland and our future students and especially youth.